Comparing DNA Sequences to Understand Evolutionary Relationships with BLAST - BLAST Lab Gene Sequences:

Chilean Blob Nucleotide Sequence

Gene Sequences - Searching for Fossil Genes

Breeding Bunnies Lab:

Transpiration Inquiry Lab:

Practice Genetics Problems:

Fricklewick the Dragon:

Label the Chromosomes:

Sequencing Oxytocin and Vasopressin

Cell Respiration Lab DBQ

Photosynthesis Lab DBQ

Water Potential Data

PHUN Week - Exploring Stem Cell Therapy

Informational Powerpoint on Stem Cells:

Stem Cell Lab Activity:

Activity 1 - Stem Cells Explained (an interactive tutorial)

Activity 2 - Virtual Urchin

Tutorials for Review/Enrichment:

Human Embryonic Development

Creating Embryonic Stem Cell Lines

Share your unique scientific names and common names for the organisms used for the dichotomous key/cladogram lab.
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BLAST Lab Gene Sequences:

BLAST site:

“The Evolution of Flight in Birds”

“What did T. rex taste like?”

“Journey into Phylogenetic Systematics”

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